Marais Poitevin

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Marais Poitevin

Marais Poitevin: not to be missed during your hotel stay

Marais Poitevin: poetic landscape

Designated a Regional Nature Park, Grand Site de France and a European Destination of Excellence, the Marais Poitevin located less than 30 minutes from our ACE Hotel Vendée Sainte-Hermine, is the ideal place for a romantic walk. The 112,000 hectares of shaded canals and lush nature can be explored on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, by barge or by canoe. A haven of biodiversity, hundreds of species thrive in this unspoiled environment. Widgeons, greylag geese, white-backed stilts, marsh harriers and more are easy to spot. A patchwork of landscapes, the Marais Poitevin is an open-air masterpiece.

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