Le Puy du Fou

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Le Puy du Fou

Puy-du-Fou: a must during your hotel stay

Le Puy du Fou: sensational!

Since 2012, Puy du Fou, located 40 minutes from our ACE Hotel Vendée Sainte-Hermine, has been awarded many of the most prestigious international accolades. The theme park is hailed for its creativity, originality and the quality of its shows. A massive success. Well-deserved. Visitors are immersed in history and taken on an amazing journey through time through a series of spectacular shows. The galleries roar and tremble with wonder at each event. In the Verdun trenches, the Gallo-Roman area, on board Viking longboats, and more, the Puy du Fou promises an unforgettable and exciting experience, for kids and adults. 

Not to be missed under any circumstances: Puy Du Fou Cinéscénie®, the world’s largest night-time spectacle. 

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Le Puy du Fou
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