La Maligorne

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La Maligorne

Maligorne: pastry shop to discover during your stay at the hotel

La Maligorne: artisan bakery, from father to son

The famous Gâche de Vendée has been kneaded, mixed and moulded here, generation after generation. The history of this brioche dates back to the Middle Ages. Every family baked this pastry at Easter to mark the end of Lent. These days, it reigns supreme at La Maligorne Bakery and stands proud, fair and golden, under the admiring gaze of foodies, waiting to be eaten. 

Found at: You will find this brioche in the patisserie La Maligorne, located a few minutes from our ACE Hotel Vendée Sainte-Hermine.

Pâtisserie La Maligorne
37 rue Hervé de Mareuil
85320 Mareuil-sur-lay