Grammont Priory

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Grammont Priory

Grammont Priory: a priory to see during your stay at the hotel

Grammont Priory: “come, follow me”

Ordained by Richard Lionheart in the XII century, the ancient priory of the order of Grandmont is now one of the Abbeys of the South Vendée. Located in the heart of the Chassey Forest, the astonishingly well-preserved walls are an example of ancient monastic architecture and perfectly illustrate the strict rules set by Etienne de Muret.  " If you seek perfection, go, sell all your possessions: give them to the poor and you shall receive treasures in heaven. Then come, follow me.” A visit to the Grammont Priory is a dive into history and a testament to the austerity and tranquillity sought by the Order of Grandmontain. Built in a square around the cloister, the chapel, the capitular hall and the refectory, the monastic buildings are a blend of refinement and simplicity. 

Found at: The priory of Grammont is 30 minutes away from our ACE Hotel Vendée Sainte-Hermine.

Prieuré de Grammont
85110 Saint-Prouant